A bit about myself

Computer Science has kept me interested since I was 5. Recently the field, and the knowledge that we obtains feels a lot saturated. So here's my website, and some of my projects,  so that I and hopefully you, don't lose interest, ever. This will act as a message for myself to do more, and hopefully as an inspiration for you.
I've also got some material I created throughout my UG course, which might help you too in case you're a B.Sc. student like myself.
And I like polar bears. And it isn't weird. You're weird.

Searching for the road less traveled

I don't really know which field to specialize in, so I'm exploring all of them, bit by bit (or byte by byte idk). There's AI, web dev, editing stuff on YouTube and what not. For some reason though, I am an expert Bing Image Generator prompter and can bring polar bears into interesting places. 

A polar bear sitting in the driver seat of a bus, but not driving it, hands resting on door, window of door is completely open

Confused by which road to take tbh

College Resources

Made some sheets while doing my B.Sc. Computer Science Course. 

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